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Asafated size ne ifade ediyor? Özetleyiniz.

Bu yazı bir dergi için yazılmadı. Kaleme alınışı 2004 yılına tekabül ediyor olmalı.

When I was asked to write about Asafated I agreed with enthusiasm, but I also knew that it would be very hard to write about one of my favourite local bands, the members of which are also among my very good friends. But here I am, trying to travel back in my mind to the time I first saw Asafated...It was February 18th, 1995, at the “Death Shall Rise Festival”, which took place in Etiler, İstanbul. It was a memorable day for me as I met many of my future best friends there. But first and foremost there was a great curiosity in me regarding the bands, as I was to see many of them for the first time. Among the about ten bands that played on that day Asafated made the greatest impression on me. It was not just the great music they played, no...There was something about them, something quite undefinable, yet something that made them stand out from the others. There was this raw energy that took hold of the listeners, combined with the stage presence of the very charismatic vocalist Tanju, who grunted into his microphone from behind a veil of blond hair, his tattoos forming quite an impression on me in times when these were extremely rare in Turkey...I felt as if I was watching some foreign band ( I remember writing to my ex-husband, who was then in England, that they had made me think of Sepultura, at least visually, even if the music was not really the same) and later came home to write my impressions about the bands I had seen in my diary – Asafated was the only band who got all the credits I had to give...
It was about 1998 that my then best friend Cenk Turanlı joined the band as their new guitarist. Thus I got to know all the band members and was even able to watch them record their “Tout va bien” EP in 1999, which many metalheads in Turkey see as one of the best outputs of a Turkish metal band ever. I was asked to translate Atilla’s lyrics for Buried in mud from Turkish into English, which I did with great pleasure, and the guitars for Buried in mud and Not for you were recorded with me sitting next to Cenk, which also made me feel real special!...
It was I think the year 2000 that the band sort of split up. For a while they seemed to remain inactive, then, from time to time, they reappeared again with different line-ups, until a few weeks ago they decided to come back stronger as ever, with a fresh and very strong line-up, which also includes my - now – boyfriend Cenk on the guitar once again! This makes me very happy personally, as I have missed not just the always very energy-laden concerts of this great band, but also their rehearsals which I used to enjoy so much every time I had the chance to be there.
Asafated is a band that makes me proud to be their friend. Not only are all of the band members great people as such, but each one of them has great musical talent, too, and frontman Tanju has developed such a brutal vocal style that Cenk aptly describes it as “having swallowed a cave”, which captures every listener and turns each one of their gigs into some sort of a ritual almost...They are the best answer for those who doubt that good metal music can be made in Turkey. I hope they will continue producing their very special brand of deep-going, melodic yet very, very heavy music for a long time to come...

Seyda “Abigail” Babaoğlu

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